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About WMC Locations

World Media Crew is an international organization connecting all professionals in the area of Media to provide those in need essential and necessary solutions 


World Media Crew is committed to building an environment where professionals are feeling welcome to help out others in the field of media or finding others to help them out.

Happy feeling

As an organization that connects media professionals from all over the world, we feel we can do more by facilitating more solutions to everyday media-related problems. 

Search for location

Searching for locations can be a time-consuming task and therefore we have created our WMC Locations booking system where we can connect those who want to rent their locations to those who are searching for a location.

What we offer

World Media Crew Locations offers people and organizations a platform where they can create a passive income for themselves. With renting out your locations we offer you the ease of our platform, the possibility of an extra income, and with that also publicity.

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