Are you a location scout?

Do you have a portfolio that you use to fix locations for productions? Partner up with WMCLocations and become an Agent of as much as Locations as you want. As a location scout you can enter your locations on our platform and in that way reach more media professionals and make money as they rent a location through you. 



If you are interested in renting out locations, you might think: “What makes my location so good?” Before we answer these questions we'd like you to think of two different movies and think of the locations they have been filmed. Some movies use crazy, bizarre, and unique locations but a lot of them actually tend to use "daily" and normal locations close to what we'd find in real life. Think of hotel rooms, conference halls, offices, restaurants and much more. So answering your question: all locations are good and welcome since it depends on what media professionals are looking for. It could be (part of) your house, a castle, it could be a shed. 


Become a WMC Locations Agent